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Savour the taste of Excellence. At Breda’s Delightful Baskets, share in her Adventure. Will, give you Experiences to talk about for years to come. Extraordinary! And Memories that will last forever. Thank You Breda x

A Long Journey


I pride myself in sharing my adventures around Australia. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the fabulous Western Australia and made my final stop at the famous Margaret River, A magnificent place and region. Here I discovered the Margaret River is renowned around the world for it’s premium Wines and Fine Foods. My experience was extraordinary and will always be remembered as one of my special journey’s of Australia.

These Australian products from Margaret River I have sourced will tempt your taste buds and will absolutely complement that SPECIAL COROPRATE GIFT or a basket filled with delicious delights for ALL OCCASION.

Share in Breda’s fabulous journey and discover the amazing flavours of the Margaret River Region by enjoying one of Breda’s beautiful Gourmet Hampers, Baskets or a Delightful Designer Box of fine foods and wines.

Silver Jubilee. Celebrating 25 year of Business

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I would like to share with you my Journey around the regions of Australia sourcing 100% Australian Made Australian Grown products. My experience was overwhelming and my Discovery Amazing. I am so proud to Portray my Delightful Gourmet Baskets, Hampers, and Deluxe Designer Boxes with a Delicious Range of Gourmet Fine Foods and Wines that Journeyed Australia Wide.

My aim is to encourage everyone to buy Australian Made, to support our Country with a Future and give our Children a good Future also. My ultimate effort during my years of promoting Buy Australian Made Australian Grown goes back afar, to Australian Made membership No. 176. This has been an extraordinary experience for me. During these years in business there were very many memorable moments. In fact I recall when I was first approached and later, on a number of occasions, to send my Australian Made Products Overseas when clients insisted on receiving only 100% Australian Made in my Delightful Gourmet Food Baskets. I found this part of my business amazing. It encouraged me to take my business one step further when I approached our Duty Free outlet in Sydney, I was so honored that they accepted my products and they went into Duty Free stores Australia Wide.

25 Years later I still enjoy encouraging everyone to Buy Australian Made Australian Grown products, ensuring our country a good future. I would like to personally give my greatest gratitude and say Thank you to all my valuable clients, suppliers, family and friends for this most wonderful journey. Thank you. Breda x

Participation as 2009 Business Client …University of Wollongong BUSS318


Breda went on an amazing journey with undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Wollongong in the Information Systems and Technology degree. Breda spent a few hours a week, over 13 weeks with students of Project Management class Buss318 whereby she was the live business client, this gave the students an insight with dealing with business clients in a live setting. The class created Breda her first business website.

Associate Professor Peter Hyland wrote Breda a letter give his gratitude for her valuable time to inspire the students Each year we select a succesful business client from the Illawarra to work with our students on a weekly basis so that students may gain experience in interviewing and understanding a business client’s needs, and to collaborate with them in developing a software prototype based on those requirements. We appreciate that you have taken valuable time from running your business each week to interact with the students and to share and demonstrate your business ethics, achievements, and awards to inspire and encourage them. This is a wonderful opportunity for them and we thank you most sincerely for your involvement.


Idea is still flowering. 20 years on


Breda Olliffe gets a wonderful delight out of designing her exquisite baskets for special themes and occasions. When it came to developing an eye catching stationery design for her successful business, Breda Olliffe turned to the creative talents of her grandson. Her grandson, Ryan Lewin then 18 and preparing to join the Australian Defense Forces, but the legacy of his hand drawn flower during a school holiday visit to the Illawarra remains. His flower design is still used on the marketing material for Olliffe’s business, Bredas Delightful Baskets and, as a result, it has travelled the world.


Nerada Tea. long standing relationship


Photo Breda at Nerada Tea Queensland

Nerada Tea is the largest supplier of Australian Grown Teas on the retail and wholesale trade. The tea was first planted in the Nerada Valley situated at the foothills of he Atherton Tablelands Far North Queensland. As Breda likes to personally source first hand the products she places in her gourmet hamper

Brenden Minehan, Nerada Tea National Account Manager states that Breda’s Delightful Baskets has been a valued customer of Nerada Tea’s for over 10 years. It has been a pleasure to deal with you over the years and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial future together.


Tyrrell’s Wines. Long standing relationship


Tyrrells Wines logo

Tyrrell’s Wines has been a long term supplier to Breda’s Delightful Baskets, beginning the relationship over 20 years ago. Breda became very close friends with the Tyrrells through her business relationships and has enjoyed sharing the Fine Wine in her gourmet hampers.

Jane Tyrrell, NSW State Sales Manager states As a family owned and operated company, we are very proud to be part of a business that makes this goal [strong focus on Australian Made products of the highest quality] a priority. From a supplier’s point of view, the ease in which Breda’s Delightful Baskest conducts business is rarely matched by other companies.


Becoming a member of Australian Made. Member Number 176


Breda became a member of the Buy Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign. Breda is proud of her signature gift hamper titled the Aussie Survival Kit which is comprised of only 100% Australian Made products. The Aussie Survival Kit has been exported all across the world for over 20 years for all nations to experience the wonderful treats of Australia.

Photo insert: Original Australian Survial Kit. Latest version see image below.

Latest Aussie Survival Kit


Australian Old Vine Wines. Long standing relationship

Australian Old Vine Wine Business logo

Australian Old Vine Wines owned by Marie and the late Elio Alban has been supplying Breda with their Fine wine since the beginning of Breda’s Delightful Baskets. Breda has made a huge impact on the Alban family. Marie states that Breda is an Inspiration. Breda has astounded us with her vitality, passion and love of live. This reflects on her business and her dealings with people. Nothing is too much effort for her. To our delight we are one of her suppliers. To have our product included in her Delightful Baskets is an honour.


The creation. Breda’s Delightful Baskets


Breda’s delightful baskets commenced many years ago and since then, the business has grown successfully. The reason I started my business was to introduce Ireland to Australia and Australia to Ireland, her original home country. Breda did this by designing delightful gourmet baskets with Australian Made, Australian Grown products. Breda said her career as a businesswoman began by chance when a basket of goodies she assembled was snapped up by some friends looking for an inspired gift. From there, Breda went on to develop Breda’s Delightful Baskets.


In the beginning!

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Breda’s delightful baskets commenced over 20 years ago and since then, my business has grown successfully. The reason I started my business was to introduce Ireland to Australia and Australia to Ireland, my original home country. I did this by designing delightful gourmet baskets with Australian Made, Australian Grown products.

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