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Breda has been supplying me with turndown delights and various floral arrangements over the past four and a half years at Fairmont Resort.

During this time her work has been excellent. She is very creative person and comes up with some very good ideas that suit the property well. Her professionalism and the high standards she has set are far superiour than most.

Breda is very prompt with her deliveries and always follows up her orders. We are very pleased with Breda’s work and would have no hesitation in recommending her work.

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We have been patronizing the services of Breda Oliffe in providing the Sydney Hilton with baskets for various occasions such as St Patrick’s Day, Easter Week and most recently, Mother’s Day.

Breda’s baskets have been used as major prizes for raffles each time and they have been well received with good feedback from our patrons.

I would not hesitate to recommend Breda’s baskets and services to any other establishments. Her very pleasant personality in her business approach has definitely contributed greatly to her success.

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Breda’s Delightful Baskets is a uniquely Austrlian company that is run by the very talented Breda Olliffe. Having known Breda for over 10 years, I offer my wholehearted compliments for her creativity, integrity and deep passion that she applies to her business….Breda buys 100% Australian Made quality products which has lead to the extraordinary invitation to export her Australian wild dried flowers as unique gifts to Japan.

I have ordered over 800 of Breda’s Delightful Baskets to be gifted to clients who were thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift….Breda’s capacity to manage a loyal clientele for period of over 10 years is a credit to her. This is reflected through her ability to create meaningful relationships beteen her clients and their customers. She efficiently distributes on behalf of her clients Australia wide, with her largest single order being 500 baskets, proving how hard working and committed she is to ensuring her business consistently goes beyond client expectations to get it right.